Our law firm is involved in the general practice of law including but not limited to; acting as lawyers, advocates, barristers, solicitors, attorneys-at-law, legal counsel, notary publics, giving legal advice & counsel, assisting and representing parties before law courts, tribunals, administrative authorities, all jurisdictional, disciplinary and international bodies, pleading before law courts everywhere, as well as postulation (full and binding legal representation), dispute settlement & enforcement of judicial decisions, exercising fiduciary functions, real state affairs, estate planning, deal-making, cross-border transactional lawyering, intellectual property law, legal training, human rights advocacy, acting as tax counsel, agents, doing business experts, lobbyists, business and corporate lawyers, draftsmen, providing legal writing, legal research, legal translation, liquidators, arbitrators, mediators, trustees, negotiators, conciliators, expert determination, liquidator, administrator, guardian ad litem, sequestrator of funds, amicus curiae, artist representation, sports agents, etc., as well as engaging in any other activity incidental to the general practice of the law and the provision of legal services.

Our law firm focuses specifically on the following key (core) areas of practice: