Family law, estates, inheritance law and trusts

Family Law

Dayspring Law Firm lawyers handle all aspects of family law, including marriage, drafting prenuptial agreements, matrimonial proceedings & relief, including adoption, legitimacy & recognition, maintenance, child custody, restitution of conjugal rights, judicial separation, nullity of marriage, dissolution of marriage, jactitation, proceedings for the enforcement of a decree, settlement, and declaration of validity of a decree. We equal provide legal guidance on property rights of spouses and property adjustment orders. We also advice on artificially assisted fertility. We also advice on the civil status of persons (birth registration, marriage registration, and other civil status certificates). We advise persons on how to obtain from the competent authority issuance of a new civil status certificates when they have lost their civil status certificate or when they have been destroyed. We equally help persons interested in changing their names and who desire to use pseudonyms.

Estate Administration & Inheritance Law

Estate administration does not concern solely the estate of deceased persons. Estate law has to do with the estate of persons, particularly the laws governing a person’s net worth consisting of the sum of all his assets, legal rights, interests, and entitlements to property of any kind, less his debts or liabilities. While a person is living he has to pay attention to personal income tax, international tax law, real property tax, gifts inter vivos, trusts law, real property ownership laws, intellectual property law, investment and commercial activities and business law (shares & stocks ownership), family law, guardianship law, banking law, social security law, insurance law, laws regulating professional activities, foreign exchange laws, succession or inheritance law, debt & personal bankruptcy law.

Dayspring Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the area of estate and inheritance law. We draft wills, provide clients with tools to effective distribute property in compliance with applicable laws, we advise on trust maintenance and fiduciary duties, assist families to admit wills to probate and obtain letters of administration (executor) and assist in the administration of estates in a manner that is compliant with laws. Where there is no will (intestate succession), our law firm also helps interested parties and family members to obtain letters of administration or for interested parties to challenge or request the revocation of grant of probate or letters of administration.
Dayspring Law Firm also assists persons in trust and fiduciary law issues. Trusts could be used as legal mechanisms to avoid probate and the challenges inherent with it. Trust law is peculiar to the English-speaking parts of Cameroon, nevertheless, there are fiduciary law rules applicable in the French-speaking parts of Cameroon which could be utilized to build proper fiduciary vehicles. Our law firm will assist you to handle these issues with professionalism.