We offer exceptional career opportunities to lawyers, of counsel, legal professionals, legal consultants, aspiring lawyers and law practice managers. We are looking forward to hiring highly talented professionals who share our ethical and professional values and who have the courage to espouse our vision of becoming one of the leading African law firms in our areas of practice.
We are currently keen on offering career opportunities to lawyers specialized in tax law, banking & financial law, oil & gas law, corporate finance law, international trade law, corporate law, and infrastructure & procurement law. Members of our team are committed to competence, integrity, excellence and professionalism.
We are also recruiting a law practice manager who has a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant area (law, accounting, management, business administration, economics, marketing, economics, computer science, mathematics, computer scientist, etc.), is bilingual (English & French), has strong writing skills, has public speaking skills, has basic understanding of law & the judicial system, possesses substantial computer skills, has administrative & managerial skills, financial & accounting skills, basic digital marketing skills, project management skills, organised, responsible, is discrete, professional, open to learn, and has a long-term commitment to the law practice management profession. For more on this download this document Office_Manager_Recruitment.
Contact us, if you are interested, by sending us an email or calling us on the contact details provided in our Contact Us page, or by visiting us at our physical address indicated in our Contact Us page.