Our Mission Statement

Dayspring Law Firm’s mission is to provide our clients with high quality, innovative, and result-oriented legal services customized to the specific needs and strategy of clients at competitive fees. We are committed to promoting justice and the rule of law, and to serving the legal system and our communities. In the pursuit of our mission, we uphold professional integrity, excellence, ethical standards, and confidence.

Our Pillars

Dayspring Law Firm stands on four pillars

Dedicated and qualified professionals

Efficient and effective law office organisation and procedures

Sound attorney-client relationships

Innovative & quality legal services

Instructing Us

Our team of lawyers, led by our founding partners Ferdinand Doh Galabe, Jacob A. Akuo and Regina Agbor Ebob Azipoh, are qualified, knowledgeable, and available to give proper direction to prospective clients regarding counsel to pick and guidance on how to efficiently manage client cases. For details on our areas of practice, visit the Legal Services section of our website or see the profiles of individual members of the law firm in the section on Our Team.

The legal services most commonly provided, however, englobe the general practice of the law, including, but not limited to, giving legal advice to clients as to their legal rights and obligations; counselling clients as to the working of the legal system; assisting clients in every appropriate way, and taking legal action to protect their legal rights and interests; deal-making, cross-border transactional lawyering services; assisting clients before courts, tribunals or administrative authorities, all jurisdictional, disciplinary and international bodies, where appropriate; representing clients in legal, judicial, extra-judicial procedures; pleading before law courts everywhere, as well as postulation, dispute settlement & enforcement (execution) of judgments and arbitral awards; artist representation, sports agents, real estate lawyers, estate planning, doing business advisors, exercising fiduciary functions; where appropriate, acting as intellectual property lawyers, notary publics, tax counsel, arbitrator, mediator, conciliator, negotiator, amicable trustee, liquidator, guardian, administrator, sequestrator of funds, depositary, executor of a will; provide online, off-site and on-site legal training, legal translation, legal drafting and legal research; conduct investigations and due diligence, act as pro bono counsel, file amicus curiae briefs, etc.

Legal fees

Clients may request a quotation for legal services using the contact details provided in the Contact Us section of our website. We practice value-based billing options in pricing our legal services to better allocate risks and align incentives in ways which best suit the goals of our clients for particular cases or portfolio of work. These are 1) work-based fixed or flat (agreed brief) fees; 2) time-based (hourly or daily rates) fixed fees; 3) budgeted fees with collars; 4) blended rates (for specific service including multiple skillsets); 5) success fees, and 6) out-put based or unit of work (per contract, per patent, per page, and per project – increasing fee predictability for clients). Contingent fees, whereby a lawyer’s professional fees are entirely fixed taking into consideration the judicial outcome of the brief, are prohibited within the Republic of Cameroon and a number of other African countries where we are licensed to practice.

Retainer Plans & LPOs

We also provide legal services on the basis of Retainer Plans corresponding to a range of legal services, from basic legal services to full legal services. As a pioneer and leader in the LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) market in Cameroon, Dayspring Law Firm is an LPO service provider and we provide LPO services within the limits of that which is permitted by the rules regulating the legal profession in Cameroon. The LPO services we provide span a variety of litigation (including case evaluation, preparation & management and enforcement of judgments), alternative dispute resolution, debt recovery, transaction agreements, corporate financing services, legal consulting, IP services, property services, procurement, compliance, tax, corporate law services, contracts, service agreements, employment & immigration, investigation & due diligence, bundled & unbundled services, drafting & managing documents, legal & commercial analysis, legal management services, and other legal services.