Retainer Plans & LPOs

We also provide legal services on the basis of Retainer Plans corresponding to a range of legal services, from basic legal services to full legal services. As a pioneer and leader in the LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) market in Cameroon, Dayspring Law Firm is an LPO service provider and we provide LPO services within the limits of that which is permitted by the rules regulating the legal profession in Cameroon. The LPO services we provide span a variety of litigation (including case evaluation, preparation & management and enforcement of judgments), alternative dispute resolution, debt recovery, transaction agreements, corporate financing services, legal consulting, IP services, property services, procurement, compliance, tax, corporate law services, contracts, service agreements, employment & immigration, investigation & due diligence, bundled & unbundled services, drafting & managing documents, legal & commercial analysis, legal management services, and other legal services.
LPOs are a proven way for companies to reduce legal costs, permit corporates to focus on their core capabilities, permit them to access skills and to scale services, that is why they have been endorsed both by the American Bar Association (2008) and the Legal Services Act (2007) in the UK. We maintain high service quality while attaining these objectives. We utilise cutting edge technology to bridge the gap of communication and the need for onsite legal assistance and meetings. For more information on our Retainer Plans & LPOs, please write us by using the Contact Us section of our website.
According to the rules which regulate practice at the Bar, the elements which determine lawyers’ fees are: time put in the matter, nature and complexity of work, research required by work, the stakes involved, incidence of costs and charges to the law firm of handling the matter, lawyer or law firm’s expertise or specialisation, experience and standing, the advantages which accrue to client by virtue of the lawyer’s work and results obtained and the client’s means.
Finally, clients must understand that according to the Cameroon Bar rules, the law firm or the lawyer does not become entitled to earn professional fees only if he wins a case entrusted to him/her by the client. While the lawyer is legally required to act professionally and protect and defend the interests of his client according to acceptable professional standards, the lawyer is not obliged to win a case in order to be entitled to professional fees.