About us

Dayspring Law Firm is a full-service international law firm located in the metropolitan city of Douala, the economic capital of the Republic of Cameroon. We are licensed intellectual property agents and attorneys of the African Intellectual Property Organization (AIPO/OAPI).

We are also members of the UK Cameroon Chamber of Commerce (UKCCC) and are listed on the website of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. We strive to be a law firm of first choice for clients seeking legal advice of high standards from lawyers with expertise and extensive legal experience.

We are a multidisciplinary practice with expertise in a plethora of practice areas, although we have specific core areas of practice listed in the section of our website on Legal Services

We are a bilingual (English & French) law firm, supported by qualified translators and interpreters in Standard Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese languages.

We use innovative approaches to ensure an intelligent, efficient and reliable delivery of quality legal services. Our modernized & technology-based business systems and processes enable us to reduce our costs significantly and transfer benefits back to our clients in the form of highly competitive fee rates.

Dayspring Law Firm leads a collaborative global network of skilled legal professionals who are operating throughout Africa and across all continents on the globe.

Our rich and diverse collaborative network of qualified lawyers enables us to provide legal services in all areas of law across Africa, including across several regional economic communities such as the AIPO (African Intellectual Property Organisation), the OHADA (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa) zone, the CIMA (Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets) area, the ECCAS (Economic Community of Central African States) zone and the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) area.

Dayspring Law Firm’s lawyers are building a strong reputation in advising clients on the Intra-African Trade framework established through the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) establishing a continental market pursuant to the African Union Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community.

In return for our privileged status as “licensed professionals,” we recognise that we have explicit and implicit obligations to protect the interests of clients, to promote the rule of law, and to generally provide services in the public interest. Lawyers at Dayspring Law Firm therefore understand that because of this privileged status that they enjoy, they owe a set of important responsibilities vis-à-vis certain members of the community, including: to the people and organisations to whom we provide legal services to protect their interests without jeopardizing public interests, to the legal system and rule of law to contribute to access to justice, to the strengthening of the rule of law and institutions and to upholding professional responsibilities, and finally responsibilities to secure other broad public goods and enhance sound private ordering to create a safe, fair and just society in which individuals and institutions can thrive over the long term.

The Dayspring Law Firm Difference

Dayspring Law Firm has pioneered the convergence of a global network of legal professionals of multiple talents and diverse expertise to develop productive cross-practice collaboration to take on challenging, sophisticated and complex work that clients increasingly demand. We work in a uniquely collaborative model across the firm and throughout all levels of the client organisation to deliver results that help our clients thrive.

In order to expand our service offerings while ensuring top quality services, we have developed strategic relationships with several legal professionals and formed alliances with other law firms and related professions. By working in collaboration with other legal professionals through joint engagements and strategic alliances, Dayspring Law Firm can offer a variety of services to a diverse client base which demands new and different services.

Our strategic & collaborative alliance of legal professionals operates as one integrated, multifunctional team with the capability to bring bespoke solutions leading-edge innovative solutions to each of our clients.

What we believe

We believe in good work; work worth paying for. We believe in not just providing legal services, but in providing legal services which could be qualified as good work. Nowadays, degraded commercialism has caused and resulted in a work ethic according to which work must not be good and bad work seems to be the desideratum, as C.S. Lewis once said.

At Dayspring Law Firm, we do our work as well as we can, with great delight even when we are over-worked. We consider what we do as indisputably worth doing in itself – even if nobody paid for it. We do not provide legal services for the sole purpose of earning money, neither does the sole value of our work lie in the money that it brings. We delight in providing legal services which meet the legal needs of our clients.

Integrity & Anti-corruption

Around the world, corruption is one of the main factors that threatens the integrity of legal professionals and the legal profession as a whole. Popular feelings that lawyers are involved in corrupt practices is on the rise globally. Per a 2010 joint survey by the International Bar Association (IBA), the OECD and the UNODC, of close to 650 legal professionals surveyed and pooled from 95 jurisdictions, almost half of them responded that they considered corruption to be a problem in the legal profession both in their home and neighbouring jurisdictions.

Dayspring Law Firm positions itself as a law firm that clients not only feel comfortable working with but will also recommend to others. We achieve this by placing at the core of our legal practice four (04) core principles regarding integrity and professional ethics, including: independence, confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining professional integrity.

We uphold these core principles no matter the circumstances, pressures, and financial or economic incentives. To safeguard these core principles, we ensure that all our partners, lawyers, professionals in our network and corresponding lawyers are aware of and are up to date with anti-corruption standards, that they comply with an internal code of conduct with higher standards than those applicable to the Bar, and which oblige them to comply with more demanding disclosure requirements, conduct due diligence procedures with greater thoroughness, respect conflict of interest provisions and obtain quality anti-corruption training. We regularly review the efficiency of these measures for improvement.

Our law firm also complies with the 10 core IBA International Principles (IBA International Principles on Conduct for the Legal Profession, 2011). They are: 1) independence; 2) honesty, integrity, and fairness; 3) conflicts of interest; 4) confidentiality/professional secrecy; 5) clients’ interest to be treated as paramount; 6) lawyers’ undertaking; 7) clients’ freedom; 8) lawyer to prudently hold property of clients & third parties safe from his own property; 9) lawyer’s services to be carried out in a competent & timely manner; and 10) reasonable fees for work and not generate unnecessary work. Check the IBA International Principles a www.ibanet.org.

All of these mechanisms are put in place to sufficiently protect our law firm against corruption and other forms of malpractice, as the involvement of lawyers in corruption can be particularly consequential.

Pro Bono Publico Work & Activities

As beneficiaries of one of the privileged status as “licensed professionals,” lawyers owe society the duty to protect the interests of clients, to promote the rule of law, and to generally provide services in the public interest.

Dayspring Law Firm recognizes these duties, especially when it comes to the special needs of the poor, and other classes of persons of limited means for legal services and access to justice for persons otherwise unable to afford it and thus acknowledges its institutional responsibility to provide pro bono services to indigents, low-income and disadvantaged individuals, retired servicemen and civil servants, elder citizens, marginalized groups of people, families, educational organisations, non-profit and civil society organisations, rural agricultural cooperative societies, local government, community development initiatives, road accident victims, victims of non-derogable civil & political rights abuse, victims of gender discrimination, unemployed, minors, refugees, religious organisations, youth entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and small business start-ups which provide key services to their communities and create jobs.

Dayspring Law Firm has pledged to dedicate five (05) to ten (10) percent of total billable hours to providing pro bono services to the abovementioned eligible persons. The law firm has adopted an accountability mechanism and an outcome measurement tool through an annual reporting system whereby the law firm publishes an annual pro bono legal work & activities report.