Housing law, real estate & property transactions

The essential legal framework for real property in Cameroon comprises the Constitution, various instruments regulating the land regime, land classification, the land ownership (tenure) system and land acquisition (private registration, concession, state adjudication, private sale, expropriation, long-lease for foreign investors, etc.). Notaries public and lawyers are at the center of real property transactions, as such rules regulating the profession of notaries public and lawyers when they are acting in the capacity of notaries public apply. The General Tax Code (real property taxes), town planning (urban) regulation, environmental laws, security, health & hygiene rules relating to building & construction, real property valuation regulations, social housing standards laws, etc, are equally relevant rules to be taken into account.
There are also special rules on real estate investment activities which specifically lay down rules regulating the licensing and activities of real estate profession in Cameroon (real estate promoters, real estate agents, and professional agent/administrator of joint-owners of real property). We assist clients desirous of obtaining professional licenses to carryout or provide real estate professional services to do so and to conduct their activities in compliance of applicable laws and regulations. Cameroon has a huge housing backlog of over one million units and government is wooing local and foreign investors to invest in the housing sector.

Dayspring Law Firm assists clients to acquire land, conduct investigations and due diligence on the ownership and legal status of the land and to verify whether the land is free from all encumbrances (such as judicial stay, mortgage charge, fraudulent registration, etc.). We counsel clients on how to secure their investments in the real estate sector. We also assist investors navigate the special procedure of acquiring large plots of land, especially for agricultural purposes, livestock, and soil carbon stocks (grasslands & range lands), land expropriation for mining and exploration activities, acquisition by indigenous communities and large scale housing investments. We accompany landowners in the process of obtaining building and construction permits and comply with country planning laws and other related regulatory requirements. We facilitate relations between our clients and other property professionals who intervene in land transactions such as surveyors, cadastral experts, architects, engineers, notary publics, etc. We facilitate access to land for businesses and foreign investors and assist in the resolution of conflicts with local populations, where such conflicts arise.
We equally intervene in landlords and tenants relations, especially in drafting professional lease contracts, residential lease contracts, negotiation of leases, settlement of landlord-tenant disputes, real property tax consultation, judicial eviction procedures, renting fraud judicial procedures, petitions for cancellation of land certificates issued fraudulently or illegally, disturbance of quiet enjoyment and trespass judicial proceedings, nuisance, boundary disputes, defense of indigenous land rights, etc. We also assist bona fide landowners who do not have land certificates to obtain such certificates on lands in their custody from the competent government authorities.