Domain name dispute resolution


The invention of the worldwide web has moved business into the online environment. A domain name system has been created to facilitate the operation of businesses in the online environment by the registration and use of domain names constitute a specific online naming and addressing system. Unfortunately, as in the real world, everybody is not willing to play it fair and the phenomenon of cybersquatting is rampant. This course is designed to train lawyers, judges, prosecutors, exceptional law graduates, arbitrators, and domain name dispute practitioners on the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which is the principal policy for addressing domain name disputes or cybersquatting matters globally.

Language: English & French

Duration: 2 months

Tutored: Yes

Cost: € 500

Certificate: Yes


This course shall consist of the modules listed below, and at the end of each module candidates shall be tested:

  • Module 1: ICANN, Domain Names & the Domain Name System
  • Module 2: Structure of the Intellectual Property System
  • Module 3: The Protection of Marks & Other IP Rights in Signs on the Internet
  • Module 4: The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Module 5: The UDRP Legal Framework & Process
  • Module 6: Filing A UDRP Complaint & Response
  • Module 7: UDRP Dispute Resolution Service Providers & Panelists
  • Module 8: The Courts & UDRP Panel Decisions
  • Module 9: Adjudicating UDRP Proceedings
  • Module 10: Domain Name Dispute Resolution Case Studies
  • Module 11: The Uniform Rapid Suspension System
  • Module 12: WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • Module 13: ACCTADR Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • Module 14: Other Dispute Resolution Policies
  • Module 15: The National Agency for Information & Communication Technologies (ANTIC)
  • Module 16: Jurisprudential Overview of Selected UDRP Panel Decisions