Brice Elada Amombo Rodrigue

Public law associate | Government Contracting expert | Aspiring Lawyer

Brice is an associate of the law firm who is currently completing his doctorate degree in domestic public law, with specialization in public business law. Brice is a specialist of public procurement and government contracting. Brice has accumulated a vast and rich professional in different domains, including work in the following frameworks:

– Parliamentary attaché at the Yaoundé III parliamentary office under parliamentarian EMAH ETOUNDI Vincent De Paul (2013 and 2015);

– Responsible for monitoring contracts and processing the documentary bundle relating to the awarding, monitoring of execution, as well as litigation of public contracts of the Yaoundé III Municipal Council, (March 2017 to February 2019);

– Public contract specialist at the Ministry of Public Procurement (2018);

– Collaborator in several law firms between Douala and Yaoundé from 2017 to date, until his integration into the DLF ;

Among other things, he exercises his passion for teaching as a teacher of legal sciences and trainer in public procurement law and practice. This is made possible through numerous capacity-building seminars, professional training courses and assistance to research students at Masters II level.

Brice advises a diverse clientele, assists with administrative and legal procedures, and drafts pleadings, contracts and other documents on behalf of the firm’s clients.

On the training front, while preparing to defend his doctoral thesis, he is involved in distilling knowledge and building skills through training courses and intellectual services. His targets are both public and private sector personnel involved as human resources in the management of public contracts, holding seminars, assisting in tenders for public contracts and, best of all, training learners.

Brice has an in-depth understanding of how the public procurement sector works, thanks to his professional training and practical experience. This is reinforced by his cross-disciplinary experience gained from handling a variety of files and several disputes in different matters over time in collaboration with law firms etc.

Brice has worked with private companies, civil society organizations and individuals in multiple areas of the law, including the OHADA regional business law framework encompassing two areas, commercial company law and debt collection law. This has included advising clients on the most suitable business forms for their investment needs, aspects of labor law (drafting contracts etc.), corporate governance, business, and sometimes proposing drafts of international (French) contracts, etc.

Other key areas of law that form an important part of Brice’s practice, besides business law, property (land) law and public procurement law (MOP & PPP), includes:

– Advising and assisting in the constitution of a turnkey company COMPAFRIQUE (constitution of tax file, recruitment of personnel, assistance with installation of premises etc…) ;

– Advising and assisting a large number of individuals and legal entities in the management of their litigation;

– Performed legal due diligence and other legal work for local SMEs;